Surveying the Scene at Standing Rock Seven Months After the Eviction

I recently returned to Standing Rock to assess the scene approximately seven months after the horrible eviction perpetuated by state and federal government on February 23rd. Now it is so quiet and “back to normal” there that — even though I knew I had camped just a few miles North of Main Camp the night before — a actually drove right past it and crossed the Cannon Ball River before I realized exactly where I was.

Aside from a barbed wire fence erected to block access to the site of main camp it’s almost impossible to tell that more than 10,000 people were camping there over Thanksgiving 2016. Several hundred Water Protectors stuck it out through the winter of 2016/17 until the eviction in February. They stayed the course despite brutal winter weather, constant intimidation from the police state, and the confirmed presence of disturbing quantities or Rozol rat poison in the area. Whispers of planes spraying something at night circulated among the camps that winter as well.

It is truly amazing how Mother Nature restores some semblance of balance in an area where so much human activity so recently took place. It goes to show that the supposed “ecological catastrophe” the mainstream media claimed the prayer camps presented was NOT warranted. BTW, the Cannonball River was never anywhere near flooding so the official reason given for evicting the camps was total BS.

I was in camp learning, helping out, and livestreaming for Wake Up News for 2.5 weeks in late November early December and returned for another two weeks in the middle of February. Witnessing the coordinated crackdown surrounding the eviction was one of the most disturbing and revealing things I have been a part of.

I hate to do it but have monetized my YouTube channel because I am now devoted fulltime to raising awareness and am seeking revenue streams. If you appreciate my work please consider supporting it via Patreon or PayPal.

If I can net more than $1000 per month via those sources I will demonetize my YouTube channel. Thanks for stopping by and standing up for human and planetary health. One Love. Peace.

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