Wake Up Wyoming: 10.24.17

Forget ISIS, “Government Corruption” Tops Americans’ Biggest Fears. Thanks to all viewers for their patience and feedback as we experiment with new formats and I learn how to interview people properly. Recapping last night’s interview with StormCloudsGathering. Looking forward to tomorrow’s interview with Richard Gage of AE911Truth. Dominica and Puerto Rico devestation. California wildfire fallout. Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens ‘survival of human societies’. Scientists reveal e-cigarettes may trigger unique immune responses. Gallup: Rate of American adults without health insurance rises. American kids’ daily mobile screen time is almost 10 times higher than it was in 2011. Censorship in the Digital Age. Crisis is just around the corner: Trichet. U.S. Posts Its Largest Budget Deficit Since 2013. Is the Fed Getting Cold Feet about the QE Unwind? Bitcoin smashes through $6,100 to hit a new record high. Will cryptocurrencies trash cash? ‘Fedcoin’ could do it. And… TO GET HURRICANE REBUILDING MONEY IN TEXAS, CONTRACTORS MUST PROMISE THEY WON’T BOYCOTT ISRAEL… plus HOROSCOPES: Wake Up Wyoming: 10.24.2017


I hate to do it but have monetized my channel because I am now devoted fulltime to raising awareness and am seeking revenue streams. If you appreciate my work please consider supporting it via Patreon or PayPal.



If I can net more than $1000 per month via those sources I will demonetize my YouTube channel.

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