Surveying the Scene at Standing Rock Seven Months After the Eviction

Aside from a barbed wire fence erected to block access to the site of main camp it’s almost impossible to tell that more than 10,000 people were camping there over Thanksgiving 2016. Several hundred Water Protectors stuck it out through the winter until the eviction in February despite constant intimidation from the police state and the confirmed presence of disturbing quantities or Rozol rat poison in the area. Whispers of planes spraying something at night circulated among the camps as well.

Wake Up Wyoming: 10.9.17

🗣🗣🗣 Hurricane Nate wipes out my favorite Nicaraguan village as Melvin Brewing storms the GABF! Las Vegas shooting aftermath and unanswered questions.
Blackwater CEO seeks Wyoming Senate seat. How EMF affects human health via sleep cycles. Project Censored Recap 2017, horoscopes, and more! Wake Up Wyoming: 10.9.17 ✌️✌️✌️

Wake Up Wyoming: 9.25.17

Divisive #Dotard #Trump incites #NFL #TakeAKnee reaction to distract working class Americans who’ll be taking it rectally when his new tax plan is revealed later this week. #Israel and Uncle Sam are on the offensive in #Syria.  #Russia meddling accusations still lack any evidence but make for shocking headlines.  Contaminated water in #Flint increased fetal death rates.  Plastic-eating fungus found in Pakistan trash dump… and MORE!  Wake Up Wyoming: 9.25.17

Stranger Than Fiction: Trump’s Uncle Translated Tesla’s Stolen Docs on Weather Control for the US Military…

… and 74 years later unprecedented “natural” disasters in places like Puerto Rico are playing right into President Trump’s hands.  Of course Trump doesn’t call the shots completely, but his outright denial of human-caused climate change obscures the Deep State’s disturbingly dangerous weaponization of global weather.