Wake Up Wyoming: 10.11.17

🗣🗣🗣 Wake Up Wyoming 10.11.17: RIP Inge Perkins and Hayden Kennedy. A message of hope from the youth. Chemtrail crud looms over Wydaho. King Coal wears no clothes. Most millennials can’t afford ski resorts (duh). Wildfires devastate wine country. North Korea’s leader knows Uncle Sam seeks to assassinate him. Catalan independence pushes forward despite resistance. German finance minister warns of impending crisis. Putin attacks cryptocurrencies. Equifax hack worse than reported. Harvey Weinstein is one of many creeps in Hollywood, and the NYT is full of it. Plus horoscopes! Wake Up Wyoming: 10.11.17 ✌️✌️✌️


Wake Up Wyoming: 10.10.17

🗣🗣🗣 Local teacher’s quiz encourages Sophomores to consider “shooting at Trump” as a potential answer while studying Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Wildfires torch wine country. Puerto Rico still in shambles. Trump LOVES coal and nukes. Activist nuns
fight the power harder than us. Wyoming’s Senate race gets even crazier, and more… Wake Up Wyoming 10.10.2017 ✌️✌️✌️

Wake Up Wyoming: 10.9.17


🗣🗣🗣 Hurricane Nate wipes out my favorite Nicaraguan village as Melvin Brewing storms the GABF! Las Vegas shooting aftermath and unanswered questions.
Blackwater CEO seeks Wyoming Senate seat. How EMF affects human health via sleep cycles. Project Censored Recap 2017, horoscopes, and more! Wake Up Wyoming: 10.9.17 ✌️✌️✌️

Wake Up Wyoming: 9.25.17

Divisive #Dotard #Trump incites #NFL #TakeAKnee reaction to distract lower and middle class Americans who might be taking it rectally if TPTB’s new tax plan is approved.  #North Korea and #Venezuela added to US travel ban affecting all 65.6 million global refugees. #Israel and Uncle Sam are on the offensive in #Syria.  #Russia meddling accusations still lack any evidence but make good headlines.  Contaminated water in #Flint increased fetal death rates.  GOOD NEWS: Plastic-eating fungus found in Pakistan trash dump… and MORE!  Wake Up Wyoming: 9.25.17

Wake Up Wyoming Top Stories: 9.25.17

The Independent: Plastic-degrading fungus found in Pakistan rubbish dump

Scientists believe they may have discovered one solution to the planet’s growing level of plastic waste in the form of a plastic-eating fungus.

Researchers who set out to find a naturally occurring means of degrading waste plastic safely, extracted samples from a rubbish dump outside Islamabad in Pakistan and found a soil fungus that was feeding on plastic.

TREEHUGGER: Plastic particles found in most tap water samples across the globe

With an average of 83 percent of samples harboring plastic, the U.S. fared the worst with a whopping contamination rate of 94 percent. And it’s not like the samples were taken from sketchy locations; plastic fibers were found in tap water coming from places like Congress buildings, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters, and Trump Tower in New York

The scale of global microplastic contamination is only starting to become clear, with studies in Germany finding fibres and fragments in all of the 24 beer brands they tested, as well as in honey and sugar. In Paris in 2015, researchers discovered microplastic falling from the air, which they estimated deposits three to 10 tonnes of fibres on the city each year, and that it was also present in the air in people’s homes.

UPI: Flint’s contaminated water increased fetal death rates

Sept. 22 (UPI) — A University of Kansas study released Wednesday found that the lead-contaminated water in Flint, Mich. caused lower fertility rates and higher infant death rates.  They found that fertility rates in Flint decreased by 12 percent and fetal death rates increased by 58 percent.

“This represents a couple hundred fewer children born that otherwise would have been,” Slusky said. The study’s findings contradict a July 2015 study by the Michigan Department of Health and Human, which concluded that there is no “evidence that indicates the water” in Flint caused higher fetal death rates, reported Mlive.

Although American pharmacists in the early 20th century gave lead pills to women who wanted to have abortions, the science about the effects of lead poisoning on fertility and infant death rates isn’t conclusive, according to the University of Kansas.

CNBC: Governments will close down bitcoin and cryptocurrencies if they get too big, warns Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon has laid into bitcoin and digital currencies once again, warning that governments will shut them down if they grow too large.

“Right now these crypto things are kind of a novelty. People think they’re kind of neat. But the bigger they get, the more governments are going to close them down,” Dimon said during an interview with CNBC-TV18 in New Delhi on Friday.

Dimon was concerned that with bitcoin, ethereum and various initial coin offerings (ICOs), there are now cryptocurrencies everywhere.

“It’s creating something out of nothing that to me is worth nothing,” he said. “It will end badly.”

Dimon warned that governments will eventually crack down on cryptocurrencies and will attempt to control it by threatening anyone who buys or sells bitcoin with imprisonment, which would force digital currencies into becoming a black market.

These are the latest comments from Dimon attacking bitcoin. Earlier this month he called the cryptocurrency a “fraud.”. His comments, along with several prominent hedge fund investors, came before a sharp sell-off in bitcoin. The price for one bitcoin fell from around $4,340 to as low as $2,981.05 in the days after his comments.

Bitcoin has since recovered to around $3,640.68, according to CoinDesk data. Despite this volatility, bitcoin’s value has risen 264 percent this year.

Of course, Dimon fails to acknowledge that fiat currency created by central banks is also something created out of nothing by private banks and loaned into existence with interest. In fact, within the current rigged financial system it the national debt dropped to zero there would be no currency left in existence.  The central banks make ungodly amounts of money and wield godlike power through this scam and decentralized cryptocurrencies directly threaten them.

Zerohedge: Putting America’s Record-Breaking $20 Trillion Debt In Global Context

The U.S. federal government just passed a record $20 trillion in publicly held debt. That’s bigger than the entire economy of every country in the European Union, combined.

As HowMuch.net notes, the debt will only grow higher unless President Trump and the U.S. Congress can agree to unprecedented spending cuts combined with tax increases.

Don’t count on that happening anytime soon. Most people think that an eye-popping $20+ trillion debt is insurmountable, and in fact, it is the largest in the world by far.

But when you look at another fiscal measure – the ratio of debt-to-GDP – the U.S. is not in the worst situation…


The Guardian: Israeli jets bombed site close to Damascus airport, reports say

Reuters: U.S.-backed forces capture big gas field in Syria’s Deir al-Zor: senior commander

Zerohedge: Russia Warns US In Unprecedented “Secret” Face-To-Face Meeting Over Syria, But What’s The Endgame?

The moment the first Russian jet landed in Syria at the invitation of the Assad government in 2015, Putin placed himself in the driver’s seat concerning the international proxy war in the Levant. From a strategic standpoint the armed opposition stood no chance of ever tipping the scales against Damascus from that moment onward. And though US relations with Russia became more belligerent and tense partly as a result of that intervention, it meant that Russia would set the terms of how the war would ultimately wind down.

Russia’s diplomatic and strategic victory in the Middle East was made clear this week as news broke of “secret” and unprecedented US-Russia face to face talks on Syria. The Russians reportedly issued a stern warning to the US military, saying that it will respond in force should the Syrian Army or Russian assets come under fire by US proxies.

The AP reports that senior military officials from both countries met in an undisclosed location to discuss spheres of operation in Syria and how to avoid the potential for a direct clash of forces. Tensions have escalated in the past two weeks as the Syrian Army in tandem with Russian special forces are now set to fully liberate Deir Ezzor city, while at the same time the US-backed SDF (the Arab-Kurdish coalition, “Syrian Democratic Forces”) – advised by American special forces – is advancing on the other side of the Euphrates. As we’ve explained before, the US is not fundamentally motivated in its “race for Deir Ezzor province” by defeat of ISIS terrorism, but in truth by control of the eastern province’s oil fields. Whatever oil fields the SDF can gain control of in the wake of Islamic State’s retreat will then used as powerful bargaining leverage in negotiating a post-ISIS Syria.

The Guardian: NFL players kneel for anthem in unprecedented defiance of Trump

Bloomberg: Trump’s War With NFL Threatens to Overshadow Rollout of Tax Plan

The big thing Wall Street and corporate America really want from President Donald Trump is a tax cut. And on the week when that plan is being revealed, Trump instead is asking Americans to choose sides between kneeling football players and the U.S. flag.

Bloomberg: Trump Says He Wants 15% Corporate Tax Rate Despite Plan for 20% and Trump Plan Cuts Taxes for Rich

Republican tax negotiators are targeting a corporate tax rate of 20 percent, according to two people familiar with the matter — but there’s at least one potential obstacle: President Donald Trump.

“We’ll see what happens, but I hope it’s going to be 15 percent,” Trump told reporters Sunday as he prepared to return to Washington after a weekend in New Jersey. The current corporate tax rate is 35 percent. Meanwhile, the group of administration officials and congressional leaders that’s planning a framework for tax legislation is also expected to recommend cutting the top individual tax rate to 35 percent, down from 39.6 percent, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The emerging framework includes a proposal to cut the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent — a costly move in revenue terms that Trump and Republicans say is necessary to create job growth. But its provisions for individual taxes may hit closer to home for many Americans.

Three tax lobbyists familiar with those changes said they include cutting the top individual tax rate to 35 percent and creating a 25 percent rate for certain “pass-through” business owners — both down from the current top rate of 39.6 percent. Such changes would cut taxes substantially for the top 1 percent of earners, said Kyle Pomerleau, an expert with the Tax Foundation, a right-leaning Washington policy group.

An analysis by Washington’s Tax Policy Center last year found that half of the business income earned by all pass-through businesses, such as partnerships and limited liability companies, goes to those making $693,000 or more annually — placing them well within the top 1 percent of taxpayers by income.



NOTE:  This graphic is from January 2017.  It may not be 100% accurate anymore.


LA Times: Milo Yiannopolous is greeted by dozens of counter-protesters on UC Berkeley campus

ZeroHedge: One Simple Chart Proves That Facebook Thinks You’re A Moron

Last week we jokingly wrote about a Facebook press release that was apparently an honest effort by the social media giant intended to summarize Russian efforts to undermine the 2016 election using their social media platform. That said, at least to us, it seemed as though Facebook unwittingly proved what a farce the entire ‘Russian collusion’ narrative had become as, after digging through advertising data for the better part of full year, Facebook reported that they found a ‘staggering’$50,000 worth of ad buys that ‘MAY’ have been purchased by Russian-linked accounts to run ‘potentially politically related’ads.

Not surprisingly, after being attacked by the mainstream media and even Hillary for “assisting” the Russians, Zuckerberg is once again in the press today fanning the flames of the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative by saying that Facebook will release to Congress the details of the 3,000 ads that ‘MAY’ have been purchased by Russian-linked accounts.

And while it seems obvious, please allow us to once again demonstrate why this entire process is so utterly bizarre…

The chart below demonstrates how the $50,000 worth of ad buys that ‘MAY’ have been purchased by Russian-linked accounts to run ‘potentially politically related’ ads compares to the $26.8 billion in ad revenue that Facebook generated in the U.S. over the same time period between 3Q 2015 and 2Q 2017….If $50,000 can swing an entire presidential election can you imagine what $26.8 billion can do?


WSWS: Google intensifies censorship of left-wing websites

Google has intensified its censorship of left-wing, progressive and anti-war websites, cutting the search traffic of 13 leading news outlets by 55 percent since April.

On August 2, the World Socialist Web Site reported that changes to Google’s search algorithm had led the search traffic of these sites to drop by 45 percent, according to figures by the search analysis service SEMRush.

In the ensuing six weeks, the search traffic of every one of these sites, without exception, has plunged further, leading the total search traffic for the sites to fall by an additional nine percentage points.

The World Socialist Web Site, whose search traffic had fallen by 67 percent between April and July, has now experienced a total drop in search traffic of 74 percent.

Rice Farmer’s News Links, September 25, 2017

## Global Ponzi meltdown ##

Harvey and Irma Won’t End Carmageddon

GM cuts entire shift at factory for crossovers due to “moderating” sales, layoffs not temporary.

The Demise of the Dollar: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Special Pump-and-Dump Scheme Spikes to High Heaven

An economist says India lacks the guts to even admit that it faces epic economic problems

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Lay Off 10% of its Staff

Master of share-buybacks and revenue-shrinkage does what it does best.

Canada’s ‘borrowing binge’ has put economy in precarious position, report warns

The Great Corporate Cash Shell Game

## War on cash/cashless society ##

Hang on to your cash. This dash to digitise payments is dangerous

Banknotes and coins are a public utility, and companies make no profit from their use. Hence the drive for cashlessness – and with it, greater surveillance

## Fault lines ##

North Korea may detonate nuclear bomb in Pacific, foreign minister tells reporters

Behind fevered rhetoric, Kim seeks parity with Trump

China imposes limit on oil supply to North Korea

China’s top diplomat says Japan needs to press for talks with North Korea

‘N. Korean missiles can reach Chicago, would not be stopped’

Donald Trump’s War Of Words With North Korea Refuses To Abate

North Korea’s A-Bomb Is Deterring U.S. First Strike, Russia Says

Israel’s Stall-Forever ‘Peace’ Plan

Despite boosting the idea of Mideast peace, President Trump shields Israel in its resistance to a workable agreement with the Palestinians.

U.S. to provide over 6,500 Humvees to Afghanistan

Tillerson: Iran ‘Technically’ Complying With Nuclear Deal

Iran launches war games near Iraqi Kurdistan border

Accused of War Crimes, Saudis Investigate Themselves and Find No Wrongdoing

Canada imposes sanctions on key Venezuelan officials

Iran Closes Airspace To Iraqi Kurdistan Ahead Of Historic Independence Vote

Europe Steps Up to Try to Undermine Catalonia Independence Vote

Catalonia Referendum Is a Precedent Most in EU Hope to Avoid

Defiant Catalans Block Spain’s Military Boats From Landing; Spain Seizes “.CAT” Domain

It Gets Ugly in Catalonia

Spain’s “ships of repression” are coming to help out.

“Go Out & Vote!” – Catalan Separatists Defy Spain, Distribute 1 Million Ballots Ahead Of Referendum

Czech analyst: Eastern Europeans have lost faith in the EU

Bernie Sanders: Saudi Arabia Is “Not an Ally” and the US Should “Rethink” Its Approach to Iran

Brazil’s army sent to help quell shootouts in Rio favela

In Major Disappointment, Merkel Wins German Election Despite Worst Result Since 1949; AfD Surges To Enter Parliament

## Migrants/refugees ##

Rohingya refugee camps on the brink of a ‘health disaster’: MSF

Christianity waning in EU states accepting migrants: Orban

## Global unrest ##

Anti-fascist protesters flood Berlin streets as far-right celebrates historic election result

## Energy/resources ##

Hundreds Of Vertical Oil Wells Damaged By Horizontal Fracking

Peak oil in Latin America

Lithium-Ion Battery Production Is Surging, but at What Cost?

Don’t believe the hype: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have flopped with drivers

Heavy Crude Production Hit Hard By OPEC Cuts

Cobalt: The future is battery-powered. But are we overcharging the planet?

Solar Power Becomes Top Power Source Installed Worldwide

Oil Majors Brace For More Niger Delta Attacks

The solar panel imports case and the future of self-sufficiency

## Environment/health ##

New study shows air pollution may be causing kidney disease in the US

Bottled water is more popular than Pepsi and Coke — why you should avoid both

Drug-resistant infections are a ‘global health emergency’: WHO

Drug-resistant ‘super malaria’ spreads in South East Asia

Colorado Landfills Contain Radioactive Substances From Oil Sector

Fearing eruption, thousands in Bali flee from Mount Agung

Failing dam poses new crisis on Puerto Rico amid flooding from Hurricane Maria

Are Americans Eating Healthy? [sic] Poor Diet Causes 1 In 5 Deaths Worldwide

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##

More Holes in Russia-gate Narrative

New tests support the skepticism of U.S. intelligence veterans that Russia “hacked” the DNC’s computers, pointing instead to a download of emails by an insider. (William Binney, Ray McGovern)

D.C. appeals court says police can’t track cell phones without warrant

DHS Notifies 21 States Of Hacker Targeting; Election Officials Blame “Russian Government Cyber Actors”

Taser Wants to Build an Army of Smartphone Informants

Big Brother Walmart Tries to “Help” You: “It’s Like Magic”

Airport Police Demanded an Activist’s Passwords. He Refused. Now He Faces Prison in the U.K.

Electronic Frontier Foundation and ACLU Sue Over Warrantless Phone, Laptop Searches at US Border

The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

Kushner Used Private Email for WH Business: Politico

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##

The Killing of History

PBS’ “The Vietnam War” may show some of the conflict’s horrors but still soft-pedals the horrific war crimes that America inflicted on Vietnam, fitting with a corporate-dependent documentary project.

NBC Pushes Fake News That Russians Tried To Alter 2016 Election Results In Wisconsin

Russia was the target of Nato’s own fake news

Military and media reports hyped the Zapad military exercise as a major threat. In fact, what took place was nothing as dramatic as the West’s warnings would have led you to believe

Wanted: Russia Experts, No Expertise Required

The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-gate

If the U.S. government and mainstream media are really concerned about foreign influence in American politics, they might look at Israel and other nations with much more clout than Russia.

NATO’s Fakenews Russia Scare Increases Defense Waste

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##

The Steep Price of Disaster in Mexico

Rebuilding with no insurance and little government aid.

Increasingly, the world will find itself without the financial means to recover from natural disasters. — RF

Official: Hurricane Maria set Puerto Rico back decades

## Japan ##

Food-serving tongs fly off shelves after bacterial outbreak hits Japan

TEPCO again ordered to pay damages over nuclear disaster, but not gov’t

BOJ set to keep monetary spigot open, political risk looms

US to renew nuclear pact with Japan

Japan would be able to continue to stockpile plutonium

Japan’s bomb in the basement

Under the guise of a civil nuclear program, Japan has become a de-facto nuclear weapons state without so far having to take that next fateful step.

Quiet energy revolution underway in Japan as dozens of towns go off the grid

Deputy Prime Minister Aso refers to shooting armed N Korean refugees in crisis

Japan’s Economic Sun May Rise Again Thanks to Anti-Aging Medicine

Typically, these “solutions” don’t see that the main problem is net energy decline. — RF

## China ##

Beijing’s military threats in South China Sea could hurt energy firms

Universities battleground for latest row over Hong Kong freedoms

A private solution for China’s zombie company problem? Unlikely

## UK ##

Moody’s downgrades UK’s rating on Brexit and growth fears

Major cyber-attack will happen soon, warns UK’s security boss

London mayor says Britain should not host President Trump on state visit

## US ##

Hurricane-ravaged U.S. cities hit by rising cleanup costs

The Fed’s ‘out of control’ balance sheet is a major threat

Opioids are killing too many people to autopsy all the bodies

FL Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed for Hurricane-Damaged Homes

Why is NASA Covering Up Elon Musk’s Mistakes?

Hundreds of universities have helped DHS create a nation of fear

Elizabeth Warren confronted over ‘one percenter’ status, says ‘it’s not hypocrisy’

Police have killed more than 1,000 people with Tasers since 2000

Boobs On Credit

And finally…

Pot vs. kettle: North Korea: Trump and Kim call each other mad


Stranger Than Fiction: Trump’s Uncle Translated Tesla’s Stolen Docs on Weather Control for the US Military…


… and 74 years later unprecedented “natural” disasters in places like Puerto Rico are playing right into President Trump’s hands.  Of course Trump doesn’t call the shots completely, but his outright denial of human-caused climate change obscures the Deep State’s disturbingly dangerous weaponization of global weather. 


Peter Kirby, author of the book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project recently wrote at Activist Post:

When Tesla died, his scientific papers and instruments were confiscated by the United States government.  Among these confiscated papers may have been the initial New Manhattan Project (NMP) plans.  The timing is right.  As noted above, Tesla died in 1943, then just three years later, Bernard Vonnegut (who later went on to conduct early NMP field experiments) and two other General Electric (GE) scientists were simultaneously kicking-off the scientific era of weather control and the New Manhattan Project.  The three years plus between Tesla’s death and GE’s famous exploits would be plenty of time to review Tesla’s material and make plans for the future.  The MIT Rad Lab was already well at work on related technologies.



John G. Trump

Most curiously though, the scientific expert charged with reviewing Nikola Tesla’s posthumously confiscated papers was a Radiation Lab Steering Committee member and Assistant Director by the name of John G. Trump (1907-1985).  For our military, John G. Trump translated the Tesla papers from Scientist to English.  Our military, in turn, decided which of Tesla’s ideas were of military value and thus worthy of further exploration.  John G. Trump went on to serve as the head of the British Branch of the MIT Radiation Laboratory.  If you are wondering… yes, John G. Trump was the uncle of the new United States President Donald J. Trump.  In fact, The Donald’s middle name of ‘John’ was given to him in honor of his uncle.

Wow.  It seems that truth is stranger than fiction.  Here is a brief synopsis of Kirby’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project:

51bhl9ljbyl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Raytheon, the MITRE Corporation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Department of Energy, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and countless others consisting of just about every famous scientific institution in the Western world are hereby implicated in the development and execution of the largest scientific effort in Human history. Probably over a trillion dollars has been spent. Hundreds of applicable patents have been filed. Thousands of papers have been published. It’s called the New Manhattan Project and just like the original Manhattan Project, you’re not supposed to know about it. We all paid for it, but we also paid for a gigantic disinformation campaign designed to keep us as mushrooms; in the dark and covered in manure. Please read “Chemtrails Exposed” and learn about where the New Manhattan Project comes from, who put it together and who is doing it today. No other single book gives you the detailed history and current state of this Project like “Chemtrails Exposed.” “Chemtrails Exposed” is light on the science and heavy on the information enquiring minds want to know; the who, what, when, where, why, and how. It’s heavy on presenting well-organized information from the best sources in an easy to read and understand fashion. It’s not Earth’s climatological temperature fluctuations which threaten Man’s existence here on this planet. Man’s existence is threatened by mad scientists and corrupt governments conducting reckless experiments while claiming that the guinea pigs are to blame. This book serves as a preliminary investigation into violations which should result in the largest class-action lawsuit in history. I suggest that you read and understand just exactly what it is that they have been up to. The arrogance of the establishment is killing us and our planet. The information detailed here can help stop it and remediate it.

hurricane maria satelliteNow, in the fall of 2017 we are seeing unprecedented “natural” disasters affecting the Caribbean, the Southeastern US, and even more severe disasters going largely unreported in other places. As the US media focused on hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, and Maria, more than 41 million people across South Asia battled floods and displacement.  Bloomberg recently reported that South Asia may suffer $215 billion annually due to flooding by 2030.  Of course Bloomberg’s reporting blames climate change but never acknowledges the existence of weapons capable of causing — and preventing — such destruction.  The same is true of all mainstream media outlets which do not deny the existence of climate change entirely.

And now mainstream media reports that Puerto Rico just suffered the most powerful hurricane in more than 80 years, causing upwards of $30 billion in damages to the island nation already saddled with $74 billion of unpayable debts to the US Govt, the Federal Reserve, and other mainland creditors.  Puerto Rico — a US colonial territory — is unable to accept aid from other foreign entities.

We are told the island’s power may be out for months because the territorial Electric Power Authority owes $8.3 billion of the island’s $74 billion debt and cannot afford to repair or replace infrastructure that was already in bad shape before the double whammy of disasters presented by hurricane’s Irma and Maria.  Of course, a modern economy based largely on tourism will be utterly decimated if the lights go out for extended periods of time, exacerbating Puerto Rico’s already severe financial and economic crisis.

Puerto Rico has already experienced a mass exodus of it’s population with approximately 400k people leaving the island since 2009.  What will become of the 3.4 million mostly poor people who still call Puerto Rico home?

Another obvious question that seems to elude the mainstream entirely is, “why aren’t proven weather modification technologies being used to weaken these storms and steer them away from vulnerable, heavily populated areas?”  Countless mainstream articles explore geoengineering as a potential solution to climate change but none acknowledge that it is already deployed for less noble reasons.

Given the reality of modern weather weapons we free thinkers can’t help but wonder why Puerto Rico may have been targeted by the globalist Deep State’s military/industrial/financial complex.  Just yesterday a good friend asked me, “Why are TPTB hellbent on destroying a place like Puerto Rico?”

A few thoughts come to mind.

Disaster Capitalism: The term Disaster Capitalism was coined by Naomi Klein in her excellent 2007 book The Shock Doctrine to describe the longtime practice of “shocking” financial, political, and social systems so some people can profit from disasters while consolidating power through restructuring.  Wars are the most blatantly obvious example of this practice, and weather wars are no exception.

The New York Times reported yesterday:

Complicating Puerto Rico’s recovery is the island’s devastated economy. The island has been mired in a deep recession for more than a decade and carries $74 billion in debt. With no way of repaying it, Puerto Rico declared a form of bankruptcy in May, the first time in history that an American state or territory had taken the extraordinary measure. The island’s finances are also being overseen by a federal control board.

If there is anything promising it is that, as a United States territory, Puerto Rico can receive money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That money is expected to provide the bulk of what Puerto Rico needs to rebuild critical infrastructure, which had been neglected and crumbling well before the hurricane, as well as houses and buildings.

The hope now is that, as a result of disaster aid, Puerto Rico can modernize its electrical grid, roads and bridges. It is a goal the federal government shares.

“At least 75 percent of the recovery money is going to come from FEMA,” said David Merrick, the director of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security program at Florida State University. “It becomes ‘how do I build back in a way that’s better.’ This is the time, unfortunately, to make those changes and not just blind duct-tape everything back together the way it was.”

So as Trump tweets that the US will help rebuild Puerto Rico “with gusto” we have to wonder who will benefit most from all that money being loaned in existence with the stated purpose of rebuilding Puerto Rico.  What percentage of that money will directly benefit the Puerto Rican people instead of merely servicing the territorial debt and lining the pockets of politicians and contractors tasked with reconstruction?

Consolidating Political Power: Currently Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory but that status is controversial and could change soon.  Like colonial subjects throughout history, many Puerto Ricans understandably want independence.  Of course this is difficult to attain when deeply indebted to the occupying empire builders.

400px-political-party-strength-in-puerto-rico-2012There are two major political parties in Puerto Rico.  One party, the Popular Democratic Part (PPD) calls for maintaining the current territorial status or full independence from the United States.  The other major party, the New Progressive Party (PNP) seeks to make Puerto Rico the 51st US State.  The current Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Russello, is President of the PNP and has been a vocal supporter of the path to US statehood.

The New York Times recently reported:

Puerto Rico effectively sought bankruptcy protection in May, burdened with about $123 billion in bond debt and unfunded pension obligations. Its case is being handled in federal court under a special new law, called Promesa, because the existing bankruptcy law excludes Puerto Rico.

Under Promesa, Puerto Rico’s finances must be supervised by a federal board until its house is back in order, a process that is expected to take years. Relations between the board and the elected government of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló were contentious even before Hurricane Irma, with the governor first agreeing to a five-year austerity plan, then reversing course and threatening to go to prison rather than accepting the entire package.

In particular, the governor has refused to furlough government workers, and to reduce the pensions of retired government employees by an average 10 percent. The fiscal oversight board has sued the governor, asking the court to order him to carry out the entire austerity plan. The furloughs were supposed to have begun on Sept. 1.

Despite the legal dispute, the board’s executive director, Natalie Jaresko, said in a statement Wednesday that the board was “working closely with Governor Rosselló to coordinate support for Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the storm.”

“We have also reached out to the federal government to activate Title V of Promesa, which allows the board to work with agencies to accelerate the deployment of grants and loans following a disaster,” she said.

So, Puerto Rico is already deeply in debt to the US and Maria recovery guarantees it will stay that way.  It sounds like Governor Rossello had a hard time stomaching imposed austerity measures, but now it seems he has to stand on and is eager for help from the Big Daddy Trump’s Fatherland:

Trump Tweets on Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria

Pushing the Climate Change Agenda: Despite having a President who adamantly denies the existence of climate change, US establishment institutions ranging from the military to mainstream media repetitively proclaim climate change one of the greatest threats to people, planet, and the political order. These proclamations purportedly predict the future decades out and some even propose global weather modification programs to prevent disastrous outcomes.  Never is the possibility of an ongoing weather war pondered even though the development of these technologies has been documented for decades.

In this era of disaster capitalism, those who know when and how the climate will change — because they are in fact changing it — provide themselves an unprecedented opportunity to grab power and profit off the suffering of people and planet.

Within the Heglian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution policies, those who create the problem (in this case, unpredictable weather and unprecedented disasters)…

…promote a predictable reaction (uncertainty, terror, impoverishment, dependency, and guilt/shame for burning fossil fuels)…

…and propose/implement a pre-planned solution (Carbon taxes, global governance, and geoengineering) that serves to empower themselves.


Soooo… the next time you hear someone fretting about climate change please refer them to this article or something similar exposing the reality of the ongoing weather war.

Disturbing Agendas Including Depopulation: For decades we have been taught that there are too many humans and that the solution to many of the problems we face is less people.  Metaanalysis of the current economic systems, food systems, and healthcare systemes provide strong evidence supporting the belief that we are all subject a global depopulation agenda, but that topic is too big to delve deeply into here.

One disturbing development in the wake of the recent spate of hurricanes affecting the US and Caribbean is the openly admitted aerial spray programs of NALED and other toxic pesticides banned by most of the world.  Mint Press News recently reported:

U.S. Air Force Is Spraying 6 Million Acres With Chemicals in Response to Harvey

By Whitney Webb

Amid statewide efforts to clean up the aftermath left by the historic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Pentagon announced last week that it had dispatched C-130H Sprayers from the Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing in order to “assist with recovery efforts in eastern Texas.” However, these “recovery efforts” have little to do with rebuilding damaged structures or with the resettlement of evacuees. Instead, they are set to spray chemicals in order to help “control pest insect populations,” which they allege pose a “health risk to rescue workers and residents of Houston.”

The Pentagon has requested that the planes treat more than 6 million acres throughout the Houston area. The Air Force noted that the current effort is “expected to significantly surpass previous [spraying] missions in scope,” specifically the spraying campaigns that followed Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Naled’s Toxicity Not Confined to Mosquitoes

While the Pentagon has framed its efforts to “assist” as seeking to eliminate a potential human health risk, the particular chemical it is using to control insect populations is likely to do more harm than good. According to the Air Force, the mosquito control protocol involves spraying the “Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved and regulated material, Naled,” which the Air Force insists will not be used in amounts large enough to “cause any concern for human health.”

However, the insecticide Naled, manufactured and sold by a strategic partner of Monsanto, is currently banned in the European Union due to the “unacceptable risk” it presents to human health.

Naled is a known neurotoxin in animals and humans, as it inhibits acetylcholinesterase—an enzyme essential to nerve function and communication—and has even been known to have caused paralysis. Mounting scientific evidence, including a recent Harvard study, has also pointed to Naled’s responsibility for the mass die-off of North American bees. Just one day of Naled spraying in South Carolina killed more than 2.5 million bees last year.

Yet, the most concerning consequence Naled poses for human health is the chemical’s ability to cross the placental barrier—meaning that Naled freely crosses from mother to fetus. A study conducted at the University of Oslo found that Naled’s breakdown product, dichlorvos, caused a 15 percent decrease in the brain size of newborn guinea pigs when their mothers were exposed to Naled for only three days during pregnancy. Doctors from Puerto Rico have also claimed that Naled harms fetuses.

Studies in the U.S. have also shown that pregnant women exposed to Naled had a 60 percent higher chance of having a child with an autism-spectrum disorder.

This is especially troubling given that the manufacturer of Naled, Sumimoto Chemical Corp., is also the manufacturer of the mosquito larvicide SumiLarv, a chemical now believed to have been the real culprit behind the spike in birth defects in Brazil originally attributed to the Zika virus.

At the height of the Zika scare, a group of Argentine doctors, Médicos de Pueblos Fumigados, published a report citing a pesticide used to kill mosquito larva as the real cause of the birth defects. According to the report, the area where most of the affected Brazilian families live, Pernambuco, had its drinking water treated for 18 months with a chemical larvicide that produces fatal birth defects in mosquitoes.

Pernambuco subsequently reported more than 4,000 cases of microcephaly in 2015. In contrast, in Colombia, public health officials diagnosed more than 17,000 pregnant women with Zika last year, yet only 18 cases of Zika-associated microcephaly were reported—less than 0.2 percent of the total.

In addition, the Air Force’s characterization of Naled as an “EPA approved and regulated material” omits the important fact that the EPA is currently re-evaluating the chemical for safety. According to the EPA’s website, “the EPA expects to issue new human health and ecological risk assessments for Naled before the end of 2017.” Scientists and concerned citizens have noted that Naled will likely be banned as the EPA found it to harm 22 out of 28 endangered species exposed to it.

Agrochem Corp Pressures to Keep Naled on the Market

However, political pressure could keep it on the market. Such pressure was manifest in last year’s “Zika Vector Control Act,” which passed the House but failed in the Senate and narrowly missed becoming law. If it had been passed, the act would have exempted mosquito-control operations from environmental regulations and would have kept Naled on the market regardless of the EPA’s decision. It also would have ended monitoring of and limits to pesticide use.

Though the act ultimately failed to become law, there will likely be another effort at preventing the chemical from being banned by the EPA. It is currently “one of the most widely used pesticides in the United States for aerial mosquito control” and has been applied to “about 16 million acres per year in the continental United States.”

Given its wide use, the chemical’s manufacturer and its strategic partner Monsanto will likely want to keep such a profitable product on the market, lest they face a mass drop in sales and revenue.

In reality, the problem isn’t too many people but rather the culture of irresponsible capitalism and consumerism we have been born into and forced to conform to.

In the case of Puerto Rico, recent US Military attempts to spray NALED were shut down by widespread protests.  In August of 2016 NPR reported:

Gutierrez says the government is Washington wants to “spray us.” That phrase — “spray us” — is repeated a lot in Puerto Rico by opponents to the aerial spraying plan. Residents’ response to Zika and their resistance to aerial spraying should be seen within a political context, he says, in which many Puerto Ricans distrust the U.S. government.

“We are an invaded country,” Gutierrez says. “We’ve been a colony of the U.S. for 118 years, and there’s been a lot of experimentation done on us. And so people have had enough of that.”

The pesticide that was going to be sprayed — Naled — is an organophosphate that has been used in Puerto Rico in the past during dengue outbreaks. Also, Naled is currently being sprayed in Miami-Dade County, Fla., to try to address the spread of Zika there. Rivera Gutierrez points out correctly, however, that Naled is no longer approved for use in the European Union. And, he says, in the case of Zika, the proposal to spray the insecticide in Puerto Rico was an overreaction.

“We don’t understand it, except for what might be some economic interest in getting rid of that product,” Rivera Gutierrez says.

Now it seems the Puerto Ricans will be subject to pressures for spraying again.  Perhaps Maria was steered that way for the sake of poisoning the people of Puerto Rico.

The notion of the government spraying poisons out of airplanes is widely accepted though underreported by the mainstream.  Even the History Channel recently covered the “Rainbow” of chemical weapons deployed covertly during the Vietnam War:

While Agent Orange may be the most well-known chemical used during the Vietnam War, it wasn’t the only one. An entire rainbow of new chemical formulations rained down on Vietnam’s forests and fields. The Rainbow Herbicides, as they were known, were only used as weapons in the war for a little over a decade, but their consequences can still be felt today.

The chemicals were deployed as part of Operation Ranch Hand, a military operation that lasted from 1962 to 1971. Ranch Hand’s unofficial motto—“only you can prevent a forest”—riffed off of Smokey Bear’s plea for people to prevent forest fires. The wry sarcasm of the phrase sums up the irony of the mission. Controversial then and now, it’s still not clear whether Operation Ranch Hand, a form of chemical warfare, was even permitted under international law.

Herbicidal warfare had been a military dream since the 1940s, when Allied researchers began to brainstorm ways to use chemicals to scorch the earth. However, early plans to use chemicals to, for example, starve the Japanese by ruining their rice crops, faltered.

Ironically, the same media outlets that acknowledge the history of our government spraying poisons out of airplanes routinely ignore or ridicule the notion of weather modification chemicals being similarly deployed despite the well-documented history of military and corporate weather modification programs dating back to the time when Donald Trump’s uncle translated Nikola Tesla’s stolen papers.

Fore more info on that topic, check out WeatherModificationHistory.com.

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Last Friday, Maduro had announced the forthcoming change, but that threat came after 14 years of similar threats, made by former leader Hugo Chavez, who was sure the dollar would someday lose its place in the currency pecking order.

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Chris Phillips recorded the incident, which occurred at approximately 11:32 pm and posted it to his Facebook. The video shows a police officer breaking out a window of Culpepper’s Restaurant located at 300 N Euclid Ave.

In what many have dubbed a flagrant intervention by Amazon itself to seemingly boost the rating of Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened“, the Telegraph first reported, and subsequently many others observed first hand, that Amazon has been monitoring and deleting 1-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book “which was greeted with a torrent of criticism on the day it was released.”

Reviews of What Happened have been mixed, with some accusing Clinton of using it as an opportunity to blame others – such as former FBI head James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, social media and pretty much everything else – for her failure, rather than herself. Even The New York Times, which supported Clinton’s campaign, wrote that the book is “a score-settling jubilee”.


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Joshua Reeves, an assistant professor at Oregon State University whose book Citizen Spies was released in March, sees a disturbing phenomenon emerging, fuelled by a culture of mutual surveillance fostered, most recently, by counter-terrorism programs such as “if it doesn’t add up, speak up”.

“In order for these programs to work, you have to tie snitching to moral and social responsibility, and you have to teach citizens that they are under threat, and that in order to handle that threat appropriately they have to be watchful and suspicious of their fellow citizens,” says Reeves.

Reeves doesn’t question the value of reporting serious felonies to police. But he does point out that “snitching” has resulted in some truly awful outcomes, such as the 2009 case of a boy set alight because he was thought to have reported a bike theft to police.

In the US, antipathy to tattling has even spawned its own movement. The “stop snitching” campaign features T-shirts with targets, bullet holes and the phrase “snitches get stitches”, something Baltimore police countered with their own pro-informant “Keep Talking” campaign.

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