Wake Up Wyoming: April 30th, 2018


The recent death of a 24yo woman on the National Elk Refuge raises a lot of questions. It has been ruled a suicide by self-inflicted gunshot, but Rachel Rafferty’s most recent Instagram posts paint a picture of someone who didn’t appear to be struggling. Is anyone in an official capacity exploring the possibility of foul play?

BTW mental health support is available 24 hours per day by calling Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center at (307) 733-2046 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255

Meeting TONIGHT to discuss the Grey’s River landslide and indefinite road closure. 5-7pm at the Alpine Civic Center. See you there?

BROKEN CLOCKS ARE RIGHT TWICE A DAY: Shocking revelation about #911 #InsideJob makes the front page of the #JacksonHole Daily… FYI, the death toll keeps rising: many 9/11 Ground Zero rescue workers battling cancer years later

“DEMOCRACY”: Forget #Russia election meddling: DCCC Openly Admits Rigging Primaries.

WAR: #Syria bombed again despite proof that the supposed chemical weapons attacks were staged. #US backs #Israel and #Saudis against #Iran and Syria. #SaudiArabia has already beheaded 48 citizens in 2018: where is the outrage over that?

SMACK: Drugmakers oppose tax on opioids intended to squash the epidemic. Afghan farmers stick to growing opium in the face of less lucrative options.

TECH: The Blowback Against #Facebook, #Google and #Amazon Is Just Beginning… How to download a copy of everything #Instagram knows about you — and how to delete it… China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale… Electronics-recycling innovator is going to prison for trying to extend computers’ lives

PLUS #HOROSCOPES: Wake Up Wyoming: April 30th, 2018